Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation Solutions for Efficient Water Management:

Welcome to the future of irrigation – where technology meets sustainability. Our Smart Irrigation solutions harness cutting-edge technology to optimize water usage, conserve resources, and enhance the overall efficiency of your irrigation system. Say goodbye to wasteful practices and hello to a greener, more sustainable landscape.


The system provides the agricultural industry with information to make more informed decisions and improve productivity by focusing on managing and optimizing water usage at field level.


The solution provides smart Irrigation based on experience not on actual needs of crops which minimizes the water waste due to non-efficient use of water for irrigation.


The system gives the ability to forecast the needed resources and early assess impacts of any changes which provides the visibility on the overall actual field and environmental data.

Precision Agriculture

The system easily detects precisely and timely the unhealthy crop areas especially for big farms.

Enhancing Precision

The system objective is to combine data from sensors and software analysis to allow for more precise application of water, while providing the farm manager with piece of mind. We optimize solutions both from a cost and maintenance perspective.

Smart Irrigation Solution General Architecture

Smart Irrigation Solution Capabilities

  • Water Metering
  • Having an accurate view on water consumption allows to compare water usage for different irrigation schedules, provide input to ERP for operational cost calculations, and assist with fertigation and irrigation planning.

  • Power Metering
  • Knowing the power usage of pumps add significant value in tracking operational cost, but also allow the monitoring of abnormal behavior such as high-power consumption, which may indicate potential equipment failure or the requirement for maintenance.

  • Pressure Sensing
  • Monitoring water pressure throughout the irrigation system is key to ensure any over-pressure is detected and automated corrective action triggered to prevent damage.

  • Weather Station
  • In order to accurately forecast soil and crop water needs, local weather data is combined with the evaporation parameters and soil moisture behavior. Regional weather is useful but not as accurate.

  • Pump Control
  • When automating irrigation, pump control is critical to ensure safe operational conditions and water supply to fields. This includes adjusting to irrigation demands.

  • Generator Management
  • Knowing the exact duration of generator usage allows for precise cost calculation and comparison between generator run time and actual irrigation schedule. Our solution allows for remote control and reporting on generator status.

  • Valve Control
  • Many drip irrigation systems still rely on manual valve operation for irrigation. This continues to present challenges with system reliability and operational efficiency. Automating valve control creates a major leap in ease of operation and precise irrigation.

  • Soil Moisture Measurement
  • Using multi depth soil moisture measurement for agricultural monitoring, drought and flood forecasting, water supply management, correlation of soil behavior and its index properties, and assessing soil moisture on the field levels before planting.

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