Pharmaceuticals Companies

Pharmaceuticals Companies

Pharmaceutical companies that rely mainly on distributing their products to delegates can use OJO to follow up and monitor their instantaneous movements and the evolution of their completion of tasks, to avoid dispersion, traditional follow-up methods and to save both time and effort.

What do pharmaceutical companies can get as a result of relying on OJO?

  • Higher Productivity

    With OJO, you will be able to increase the number of visits that your company’s delegate team used to carry out daily as the tasks assigned to them will become more organized and clear.

  • improve the service provided to the medical authorities

    With OJO, follow all the details of the visits performed by your delegates, guide them and document all the medical authorities’ data they deal with on the system. Thus, all the delegates will deal with any customer and respond to his inquiries immediately and accurately which will lead to improving the quality of the service provided to your customers.

  • Fast collection of financial dues

    Farwell all the pressure of collecting financial dues by traditional methods. OJO will save you both time and effort through the easiest way of making contracts and invoicing without any paper notation.

How will OJO help you with that?

  • Facilitate the distribution process

    OJO will help you to easily distribute products to your customers and track the employees responsible for that. Thus, with OJO, control every detail of the process to get better results.

  • Digital contract management

    With OJO, you will be able to manage contracts and invoices digitally, based on the customer data that is entered through the system, and thereby get rid of the paper documentation that causes a lot of chaos as well as the difficulty in reviewing it after the passage of time.

  • Stay in touch with your team

    OJO will help you to maintain instant and direct contact with all specialists to communicate with the team and provide instructions when necessary, as well as the communication of your team members with each other.

  • Real-time monitoring of staff locations

    Through “OJO” you will be able to track the team of specialists in real time – using GPS technology – to know their locations and the tasks they perform, and thus you will control all the details of their work day outside the company to help them achieve the highest rate of productivity possible.

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