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OJO Fleet is the all-in-one GPS tracking software solution. The platform that has all needed features: Rich web applications, Mobile apps, Integration with most GPS trackers, M2M/IoT connectivity, Administrator tools, Billing and Payment, API and Plugins.


Locate and track your entire fleet of vehicles in real time through our pioneer tracking software from any location in the world and from your smartphone as well!

Free mobile app

Tracking software supports Android & IOS mobiles platforms. Application are communicating with server and sending location data which can be reviewed in GPS-server user account.

User web interface

Simple interface for user to login to Platform with Secure Login and multiple language including English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc..


OJO Fleet provides highly flexible GPS tracking solutions, which includes over 30 types of reports that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Admin Panel

Single management interface with powerful tools for the whole team.


Depending on the importance of events OJO Platform enables timely alert and reporting via email and SMS for any pre-defined activity.

  • Fleet management comprises the target-oriented, optimal planning, supervision, and control of the fleet operations based on the available resources, considering internal and external influencing factors.
  • Main goals for operational efficiencies:
    • increasing competition among fleet operators
    • increasing customer services and profitability
    • improving fuel efficiency to reduce operational costs
  • GPS vehicle tracking Monitoring the location of a truck, car or any moving vehicle using the GPS system. Vehicle tracking systems are commonly used by fleet operators for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information and security.
  • Advantages
    • Improves productivity and maximize driver satisfaction
    • Reduce operating costs and Increase profitability
    • Speed up logistics activities and deliveries
    • Reduce operating costs and Increase profitability

  • Discover the IOT fleet management Solutions
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Features and Benefits

Mobile and web-based REAL-TIME GPS TRACKING App, you can Mark the point of interest POI place, building, or street name on map, GEO-FENCE feature enables you to identify a geographical zone, in order to be notified by ENTRY/ EXIT ALERT to/ from the preset zone. Moreover, you can receive VARIOUS NOTIFICATIONS such as ENGINE IGNITION, doors SENSORS, SOS, speed, FUEL MILEAGE. Fleet managers can keep a track of EXCESSIVE IDLING and OVER SPEEDING of vehicles. There can be comparison of idle time and the amount of fuel consumed, which benefits Increased FUEL EFFICIENCY.

Greater care of the company vehicle usage will be taken, As DRIVING BEHAVIOR, speed and Fuel mileage are being monitored, In addition to COST REDUCTION, it reduces unsafe driving and amplify company's reputation. Also PARKING and ROUTE MANAGEMENT features provides accurate data when a vehicle turns ON/OFF and arrival/departure of a vehicle from/to IDENTIFIED STOPPAGES and parking lots with ATTENDANCE SCHEDULE. It gives the ability to pinpoint any UNAUTHORIZED USAGE, and avoid route deviation by providing the SHORTEST ROUTE.

FLEET MAINTENANCE, will extend the life for your vehicle Spare parts and to keep the vehicle SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE on time thus increasing productivity. We have given you a space to monitor your fleet expenses including each vehicle fuel cost and SPARE PARTS COST. MAINTENANCE ALERTS can be set based on date and time or mileage depending on the Alarm you wish to receive. which results in DEPRECIATION REDUCTION and OPTIMIZED EXPENSES.

DASHBOARD with all VITAL INFORMATION are listed and illustrated in a single view. Fleet Managers can EASILY MONITOR all the current activities of the vehicles which include fleet maintenance status, location, speed, distance with all durations and alerts via Notification that affecting DRIVER PERFORMANCE. In addition, a customizable DETAILED REPORT with filters and different search criteria, we also provide TWO YEARS of PLAYBACK HISTORY of route, stoppages, location and speed.

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