Accident Prevention

Warehouse Accident Prevention Solution

Increasing Workers Awareness In Work Sites

Enhanced Safety

Proximity sensors can detect the presence of objects or obstacles in the equipment's vicinity, helping to prevent accidents and collisions. They provide real-time alerts or warnings to operators, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Improved Operator Awareness

Proximity sensors provide operators with better visibility of their surroundings, especially in blind spots, by detecting objects that may not be easily visible. Operators can make more informed decisions and avoid potential hazards.

Cost Savings

By reducing the likelihood of accidents and equipment damage, proximity sensors can lead to cost savings through reduced repair and maintenance expenses. They can also help avoid costly downtime associated with accidents.

Compliance with Safety Regulations

Proximity sensors can assist heavy equipment operators and organizations in complying with safety regulations and standards, which is essential for avoiding fines and legal issues.

Versatility and Customization

Proximity sensors come in various types and can be customized to suit specific heavy equipment and applications. They can be integrated into existing equipment systems, making them adaptable for different industries and uses.

Environmental Benefits

By preventing accidents and damage to equipment, the solution reduce the environmental impact associated with spills, leaks, and emissions resulting from equipment accidents.

Some OF OJO Accident Solution Features


Authority Management

Personnel, vehicle authority management, each driver wears an IC card, swipes the card to start the vehicle, and avoids other drivers starting the vehicle at will, easier for administrators to manage.


Audible and visual alarm

Audible and visual alarms when Speeding Warning drivers and pedestrians Four light modes and warning voices can be customized for free.


Precision Range

Staged range collision distance, early warning zone distance, warning zone distance, and speed limit zone distance.


Directional Collision Avoidance

Directional anti-collision in front of the vehicle, rear, left, and right sides.

Operation Principles

  • Waterproof personnel detector detects personnel TAG and other device┬áthat are within its detection circumference (configurable distance: default is 5 m between tags and 10 m between beacon devices);
  • UWB Audible LED beacon detects the distance between the operator's tag and the device itself (e.g. 2 m, configurable) and if the tag enters the detection radius of the UWB Audible LED beacon, it will react with alerts.
  • Workers have tags that interact with the waterproof personnel detector, other tags, and the UWB Audible LED beacon. All these devices will react to this tag and all of them start alerts.

Solution Features

  • Applicable to all industrial vehicles: excavators, forklifts, loaders, tractors, etc.
  • Detection of pedestrians and moving vehicles in the area of operation of vehicles.
  • Proximity detection range is adjustable from 1 to 50 meters in ideal conditions.
  • Feature SOS alarming for workers in emergency situations.
  • Special installation for long heavy equipment or vehicles.
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