Package & Freight Delivery

Package & Freight Delivery

Shipping and product delivery companies rely on building their customers’ trust on their full commitment to deadlines and delivery of shipments in the agreed manner, so OJO with its distinctive characteristics in delegate management, will ensure that these missions are perfectly performed.

What do freight and delivery companies can get from depending on OJO?

  • Positive customer experiences

    With OJO, get a full control on the performed services to your customers and document all the customers’ data, status and service details provided. Thus, all your employees will immediately and accurately deal with any customer and respond to his inquiries.

  • High efficiency

    With OJO, track the distribution and delivery of consumer goods shipments to save both time and effort, get a more automated system and increase your company productivity by huge proportions.

  • High Productivity

    With OJO, you will be able to increase the number of visits that your company’s delegate team used to carry out daily as the tasks assigned to them will become more organized and clear.

How will OJO help you with that?

  • Facilitate the distribution process

    OJO will help you to easily distribute products to your customers and track the employees responsible for that. Thus, with OJO, control every detail of the process to get better results.

  • Digital contract management

    With OJO, you will be able to manage contracts and invoices digitally, based on the customer data that is entered through the system, and thereby get rid of the paper documentation that causes a lot of chaos as well as the difficulty in reviewing it after the passage of time.

  • Delegate assignment scheduling

    OJO will help you to automatically distribute and arrange tasks to distribution representatives to ensure the ease and continuity of completing tasks from your team.

  • Monitor the performance of field staff

    Track your field stuff performance and their line of progress to be able to measure their KPI performance and to make analytical reports on the competency level of the team responsible for distributing consumer goods.

  • See customer reviews

    With OJO, receive all customer feedback, moment by moment, to be able to reinforce your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses

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