OJO Event transmission system allows you to view the live video and audio from the vehicle, also records all events for large periods. The system also uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze the driver's performance, detect violations, predict events, detect drowsiness, make sure the seat belt is worn, and other functions.

Through the existing integration of OIO in the fleet management system and the event transmission system, the system administrator has full authority to control the vehicle and also know the violations and have sufficient information to make decisions

    SAT FINDER Mobile Digital Video Recorder

    is the new generaton of mobile video recorder and streamer, it uses H.265 technology and the advantages are lowering the transmission bandwidth and saing the storage.It can support 720P real-time recording and real-time vehicle location tracking and monitoring. All the information such as GPS and video can be uploaded via wireless network: 3G/4G also support satlite connections, And it can collect the data from its inputs also control with a lot of things of vehicle by its output ports, Also it can be a black box of the vehicle.
    • Supports HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS video input
    • Supports H.265 video compression
    • Supports 4 channels 720P preview
    • Supports 2 SD cards
    • Aviation connectors adopted
    • Multiple monitoring


  • Anti-vibration
  • Using shock-absorbing material and structure, keeping the system work normally all the time.

  • Wide range of power supply
  • As the voltage output of vehicle battery changes during driving, the wide range of power supply can protect the device.

  • 3G/4G/satlite
  • Embedded with 3G/4G module, the device can register into a public network to connect with VMS, and can send all the information(video/audio/alarm/gps) through wireless network.

  • GPS
  • Embedded GPS module can receive location information and upload to VMS. Even when the device is offline, it can upload the information after it's online again and the vehicle can be tracked on the electric map of VMS.

  • Multiple ports
  • With kinds of ports, like CAN, RS232, RS485, I/O, the video recorder can connect with various of accessories, such as card reader, fuel sensor, panic button and so on, so that the video, audio, alarm and location information can be uploaded to VMS.

  • Lower More Than 90% of Accidents
  • The Event transmission system and Driver Monitoring with top AI algorithm software company which can deliver accurate detections on fatigue, distraction, smoking and different bad driving behaviors affecting the safety of driving.

  • Predict and Coach for Higher Profit
  • The ADAS (Advanced Driving Assisting System) supported by a high dynamic range camera and specialized algorithm senses the vehicle’s surroundings and transform road conditions into voice reminders and alarms, enabling drivers to take proactive actions and reduce potential risks occurred on the road.

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