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Get our solutions for every side of retail execution.

Choose your role from the four options below:

Do you work in a merchandising team?

OJO mobile retail app improves retail performance through :
OJO mobile retail app also help management team through :

Do you work in a sales team?

OJO mobile retail app improves your sales team performance through :
OJO mobile retail app also help management team through:

Do you work in an IT team?

OJO mobile retail app helps IT Team Through

Do you want to grow the specific Category that you manage?

OJO mobile retail app helps you streamline order taking, the order taking process doesn’t just save you time and effort but also saves you money. Here are our top tips for streamlining fulfillment:


Optimize perfect store achievement

OJO mobile retail app finally makes it possible to reach the company’s retail goals with full functionality for merchandising.
Facilitate evaluation of retail patterns, develop in-store promotions and keep up with a merchandising strategy.

Control your merchandisers in the field perfectly

OJO mobile retail app helps you manage your staff’s store visits and improve relationships with your clients. your management team can now Determine the efficiency and effectiveness of retail activities though :

  • KPIs to improve productivity
  • Structuring shelf with the right products
  • Task prioritization
  • Empowering reps with actionable insights
  • Scheduling customer visits

Deepening the vision about products for your reps

OJO mobile retail app gives your teams the vision they need to improve products presentation and be updated with app
If you still feel a lack of reasons to use OJO mobile retail app for retail business, let's then dive deeper with helpful functionalities that includes :

  • Planogram compliance surveys
  • Retail audit surveys
  • Collateral sharing
  • Store performance metrics
  • Barcode scanning
  • Photo capture
  • KPI-tracking dashboards


Maximize your sales and increase customers

OJO mobile retail app is a smart and powerful platform that guides employees through their roles and activities. It helps reps to explore customer need through the user interface of the application because of real-time data provided through our app. It Increases sales team efficiency by focusing on highest impact activity and Increases sales team effectiveness by applying the correct in-store standards.

Inspire more active sales plans

Data gathered in the field through our app is reachable to the management team to track progress and required information to put accurate plans
Your management team can :

  • Get a real-time overview of individuals and teams activities.
  • Save sales efforts through route planning and GPS tracking
  • Ensure that employee focus on high-priority customers
  • Study reporting, market research, and analysis to identify trends and continuously optimize sales strategies

OJO mobile retail app helps you distinguish in your market field

Sharing real-time data about prices and product features to avoid conflicts that may affect customer’s trust in your product.
Employing app’s functions such form request, add client, add deals, and route planning as to guide reps through each visit.


Increase profits with stronger vision into distributor team

OJO mobile retail app improves professional communication between your head office and your distributor field teams and distribution centers. Designed with dashboard, statistics, and reporting. OJO mobile retail app provides customers with real-time and accurate data in creative ways that enable distributors to increase the company’s revenue.

Share-worthy knowledge with your distributors

OJO mobile retail app provides distributor field teams with the required information and supportive tools to grow up team’s performance. our user interface is easy, simple and, attractive that plays a great role as follows :

  • Provide the best way for distribution processes
  • Provide detailed, professional and clear instructions
  • Avoid out-of-stock instances cases by providing real time data
  • Increase performance with KPI tracking on interactive mobile dashboards
  • Provides helpful views, forms and reports

Feel at ease with the operations of our distributors

OJO mobile retail app helps you track, monitor and analyze the effect of your distributor’s activities from a single location with accurate results and an easy way that saves power and time. You can :

  • Explore app dashboard to analyze distributor’s statistics
  • Employee can use forms to create surveys, product box and sales order
  • Access real-time mobile form results that prevent mistakes

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