ARGO - X Applications

Search and Rescue Capability

  • Reliable and consistent in all weather conditions.
  • Fast speed up to 60 knots (multi-step design).
  • Carry 2 × SOLAS (10-25) persons life rafts and 6 lifebuoys.
  • Equipped with EO/thermal night camera, movable search lights, and microphone to ensure the success of rescue activities.

Firefighting at Sea Capability

  • Equipped with firefighting cannon (500 liters/minutes)
  • Unlimited sea water source from under the boat’s hull
  • Firefighting in marinas, shoreside warehouses, ports, and seaside airports
  • High speed and maneuvers in small spaces and tough water conditions
  • Manned configuration used when help can be given in the fire place

Pollution Detection and Treatment

Crude Oil Pollution Detection
  • Equipped with ultraviolet UV-A excitation and blue emission sensor
  • Detects oil spill area that maybe resulted from passing ships in the sea
Nuclear Radiation Detection
  • Equipped with sensors to detect the nuclear debris dumped from ships
  • Detection of the nuclear radiation level and real-time transmission to CGS

Sea Structure Surveillance and Monitoring

Out-of-Control Vessels
  • Surveillance and monitoring of oil and gas rigs up to 24 nautical miles
  • Alarm about vessels that lost control and may hit the platform
Weather Analysis and Warning
  • Weather station for warning about high waves and rough waters
  • Detect, analyze & predict weather conditions and send alarms and live videos to the user with the possibility to be used in rescue operations

Ambulance Services at Sea

  • Fast medical services at sea due to high speed and long endurance .
  • Suitable for tourism cities with large Marinas and dense naval activity .
  • Equipped with the essential medical equipment and emergency kits .
  • Can provide preventive health care services such as COVID-19 check at sea before docking .

Underwater Colored Hydrographic Scanning of Sea Bottom

  • 3D colored sonar imaging with two stereo transducers and two working frequency bands: 50-60 kHz and 200-350 kHz
  • Detection of any objects on the sea bottom: sank ships or leftovers
  • Measures depth and water temperature
  • Used to scan waterways before our ship enters the harbor and routine coastal scanning for intruder divers