Features and Benefits

Adding all the Customers (Retailers / Dealers / Distributors) on map using the POI feature. This process highlights the reach zones where product is unavailable and there is potential need to identify Customers in DARK ZONES to boost sales. Manual paper-based order booking process results in delays. “OJO WORKFORCE” automates SUPPLY & DEMAND CYCLE, all information about products, pricing, credit limit will be populated through ERP INTEGRATION, Enables MULTIPLE SUPERVISOR LOGIN and FIELD STAFF GROUPING per Region, Product, Division and allocated to particular Supervisor. Also, customer OUTLETS GROUPING per region and allocated to Field staff.

Customer place GEO-TAG ORDER and track order delivery with ORDER HISTORY, If any damaged / expired reported product by the Retailer, the Sales Executive can take a GEO-TAG IMAGE and upload it for approval from Supervisor before disbursement of refund. Similar image can be taken for capturing MARKET INTELLIGENCE regarding competitor product and advertising. Supervisors creates OWN/ CUSTOMIZED TEMPLATES according to business needs and assign SINGLE/ MULTI-TASK to field staff. Also monitor completed, delayed and failed tasks through ATTENDANCE/ RATTING MANAGEMENT feature.

MONITOR SALES VISITS to achieve higher rate per day by HIGHLIGHTING INEFFICIENCIES in the visit pattern through GPS tracked HANDHELD DEVICE. AUTOMATED SALES CYCLE by digitizing the manual forms and creating USER DEFINED REPORTS. Supervisors can view updates uploaded by Sales Staff after meeting for ORDER BOOKING, follow up and accelerate DEAL CLOSURE. SELF-NAVIGATING to added customer locations as POI on map. TIME KEEPING MANAGEMENT monitors task time based on stay with customer and TRANSPORTATION BILLS automatically processed with accurate distance travelled considering TRAFIC AND BEST ROUTES.

With CUSTOMER LIVE ACCESS through mobile app, Customer can easily set or change SERVICE APPOINTMENT, Approves COMPELETION OF WORK, and gives STAFF/ SERVICE EVALUATION which finally lead to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and faster payments.
SERVICES EFFICIENTLY by highlighting loop holes, identifying the good performers and train the non-performers. SERVICE SCHEDULE is uploaded from the Office and all the Service Staff on field can know the work without visiting office. VISITS CALCULATED with duration as work can be dynamically allocated using the real time location of Service Staff.