Who we are?

We are a complete development house based in Cairo Egypt , as a subsidiary of UNITED GROUP a leading ICT group of companies, Presents our GPS based “OJO PLATFORM” through our Dubai based company SAT FINDER

About Us

SAT Finder is a leading player in fleet management solutions since 2009, A GPS based solution that makes it possible and easy to track vehicles for individuals and an entire fleet for companies. By 2012 SAT Finder Crossed the 1K tracked elements of 300+ companies in 5 countries.

2016 SAT Finder developed an advanced Fleet Management Solution, Which Enables companies to control fleet expenses and enhance the value of their mobile assets and reduce depreciation rate. By 2018 SAT Finder crossed the 10K tracked elements of 1200+ companies in 11 countries.

By end of
2018 SAT Finder joined United Group, SAT Finder developed a complete platform named “OjO” based on GPS tracking of Vehicles, Entire Fleet and WorkForce processes which not only enable companies with control over the vehicles or reduce expenses but also automates supply and demand cycle of sales, services and products delivery.

Our Services

Global Presence

Where we are?

Our Development House located at Cairo, Egypt. Our Financial and logistics hub is registered in Dubai, UAE. Our Servers hosted in Germany.

Our Customers, Distributors and Resellers are in 11 countries; EGYPT, UAE, GERMANY, NIGERIA, KSA, PANAMA, BRAZIL, LIBYA, PAKISTAN, KUWAIT, OMAN and more to come.

Who's behind Sat finder

We work with colleagues, partners and customers, based on one goal, to bring the best of everyone, We see it as a journey that we enjoy going through it together.

New ideas always go through comprehensive stages of foundation building, innovations, evaluations, enhancements, market penetration and 24/7 support.

Business is built not only by great ideas but also with great collaboration, selfless attitudes, charismatic leadership, smart marketing and passionate salesforce.

This Family and friends are our teams who made the dream come true.