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Increase your productivity, reduce your expenses and optimize the way you used to work until now!

Our services will offer you:

SAT FINDER is the all-in-one GPS tracking software solution. The platform that has all needed features: Rich web applications, Mobile apps, Integration with most GPS trackers, M2M/IoT connectivity, Administrator tools, Billing and Payment, API and Plugins.


Through our services, you will increase the productivity of your employees and you will optimize your current workflow.


Locate and track your entire fleet of vehicles in real time through our pioneer tracking software from any location in the world and from your smartphone as well!


Management Section is a good tool to keep track of all paper work related to fleet management such as vehicle documents, licenses, repairs and maintenance carried out.


Our services will provide you detailed reports directly driven from your vehicles! Get actual control of your assets and optimize the way you used to work until now!

24/7 Help & Support

we're all about helping you get around. Our Technical Support team is available 24/7 for any questions you may have .

Secure Account

Security of your information is one of the most important things that we work on and it is reserved only for you.


Free mobile app

Tracking software supports Android mobiles platforms. Application are communicating with server and sending location data which can be reviewed in GPS-server user account.

User web interface

Simple interface for user to login to Platform with Secure Login and multiple language including English,Arabic ,French ,Spanish , Chinese ,Etc……


Depending on the importance of events SAT FINDER application enables timely alert and reporting via email and SMS for any pre-defined activity.

Better Insights

Our services can provide you with critical insights about your vehicles and the way they operate daily. View all the aspects of your assets.

Admin Panel

Single management interface with powerful tools for the whole team


SAT FINDER provides highly flexible GPS tracking solutions, which includes over 35 types of reports that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Supported devices

The software of Tracking Platform is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices, so you have the flexibility to use any GPS Tracker you choose. If you can’t get your device to work using below provided details or can’t find it in the list, send us your device TCP/IP or UDP communication protocol documentation and we will be able to help you.

Our supported devices is

3G Electronics

Albatross AMGPS Angelstar Arknav Arusnavi ASC Astra Atlanta ATOL ATrack AutoLeaders Autofon Autolink Autoseeker AVLSAT

BCE Bitrek Blip Bofan BOX Telematics

C2STEK CalAmp Cantrack Carscop Castel Ceantra Cellocator cGuard Coban Concox

D-TEG Defenstar DigitalCommunicationsTechnologies DigitalMatter Digital Systems Diwei

E-Track elink Enfora Era Glonass Escort Esino EzLink

fifotrack Findlo Fort Telecom

Galileosky Globalsat Globalstar GoSafe GoTop GoTrip Granit GSS Gubloos

Helioversal  Hua Sheng  Huabao

IMTSA  Incotex

JamTrack  Jimi  Jin Sheng  Jointech

Kasbi  Keson  Kingneed

Lacak  Laipac  Lantrix  Lell  LKGPS  Logosoft

Megastek  Meiligao  Meitrack  Micron  MiniFinder  Moralwinhk  MRD Technology

Navion  Naviset  Navixy  Navtelecom  Navtrack  Noran  Novacom  NVS

Oigo  Omnicomm  Opekun  Orange  Orion

Pingstar  Portman  Pretrace  Protrack


RedView  Ruptela

Sanfone  Satellite Solutions  Scat Scout  SenseIT  Sheriff  Shtrikh  SkyPatrol  SpaceTeam  Spetrotec  ST  Starcom Systems  StarLine  Storozh-GPS  Suntech  Systems & Technology

Technoautomatica  Technoton  Teltonika  TKSTAR  TNS  TopFlyTech  TopShine  Topten  TotemTech  Tracker Technology  Tramigo


Vibrant Track  VJoy

Wialon  Wonde Proud

X-Keeper  Xexun  Xirgo


Zenda  ZY Electronic Technology

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